Tuesday, September 28, 2004

December 1st... Home Free! Or Are You?

You know what confuses me? I saw this ad (probably for theweatherchannel.com or something similar) that said:

"Hurricane season is from now until November 30th!"

Okay... so... I don't know about the weather people that you know, but all the ones I have known don't know it's going to rain until their basement has flooded. During Hurricane Ivan, they were like, "It's going to hit Louisiana first!" And it destroyed Alabama!

So... okay... these must be Super-Powered-Weather-People knowing the EXACT day that hurricane season is over. What if there is a hurricane on December 1st? Is it no longer a hurricane? Do they just call it a "scary-ass storm" then?

"Yes, Bill, now that hurricane season is over, 'Scary-Ass Storm Zephaniah' is on its way to Florida... or what's left of it. This will be a bad one, but I'm sure glad hurricane season is over! Phew!"

Or maybe if a hurricane is arriving on December 1st, they just say, "Sorry, Hurricane! Time's up! Hurricane season is overrrrr! Boo-yah! Get your butt back to where you came from because there is no way you're going to go all Hurricane Jeanne on our butts over here! HA!" Yeah... maybe...

I mean, poor Florida. I wish I lived closer so I can donate some stuff. I mean, we don't have much ourselves (not even furniture!), but hey... we can donate hugs. :-) I always have plenty of those.

Anywho... I wish these Super-Weather-People would come to Rhode Island. This morning it was raining so I wanted to see what's in store for the rest of the week. I turn on the news...

"A little bit of rain today on the island." No... ya think?! Is that what that stuff is? I just thought somebody was holding up a really big fan over at the shore. Uh-huh. Okay.

*emmett* ~ who is *so* glad she doesn't live in Florida or states nearby. God bless you guys. :-)

p.s. I went to elementary school in California, and I've never been to Maryland. But... it's possible Mrs. Carol Hilton could have lived in Maryland. She's an older woman. I'm just sayin'...

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