Friday, March 21, 2014

Organizing the Kitchen!

I thought it would be fun to show how I organize my kitchen cabinets.
We've been in our house for four and a half years now,
and I actually just rearranged this week 
when we re-did our pantry.
Only the island cupboards and cupboards 
on each side of the stove/oven got rearranged.
But I much prefer this set up now. :-)

First off, to the upper right of the stove,
here is our everyday dishware.
We use Fiesta, and I LOVE them.
It took me forever to decide if I should get colors...
all one color, many colors, two colors, four colors, or solid white.
LOL. I ultimately decided that it would be very fun and very...
"not me" to get eight different colors.

SO glad we did. I just love them. :D
Ivory mugs are from Starbucks, but they are discontinued.
These alternatives are cute though! :)

Patterned dishes (also discontinued)
and all kids' dishes on bottom shelf are from Target. :)

And to the right:
(some glasses are in the dishwasher ;) )
*Find cabinet shelves here.

To organize kids' sippy lids and straws,
I use this container. Works great. :-)

Upper left of the stove...
Extra Kitchen Aid mixing bowl.
Shelf of protein powders, drink mixes, honey, and molasses.
Pyrex and measuring cups
... and then measuring spoons in this 2-section container
(everything 1tsp and under goes in a small jar).
Bottom shelf is some baking stuff, plus salt and pepper. :-)

Baking stuff and oils, over stove.

Lower left of oven. Juicer (usually stays on counter), VitaMix,
and the grater and nut-chopper. ;-)

Lower right.
Rice cooker and slow cooker.

Lower left of sink.
Food storage containers.
(And popsicle molds!)

Waffle maker and toaster. :)

Under sink.
Probably the messiest cupboard in my house. LOL.
Some grocery bags in righthand corner.
Lefthand corner, I keep some shopping bags/old gift bags
for when I need to deliver something (random stuff) to people. ;-)
*Find shelf here.

Top of fridge:
Bins hold plastic/paper cups, plates, napkins, silverware.
And there are some extra food storage containers
that I use when I make meals to bring to people. :)

Baking utensils.
"Things that cut" utensils in a drawer. Haha.


Ice cream scoops/spades.
Slotted spoons.
Non-slotted spoons (and salad tossers).

Seasoning drawer (in island)
(I actually rearranged after taking this photo. :-p )
Mostly Wildtree. LOVE Wildtree. (I'm a rep.)

Also in island: 
Cutting boards, egg stuff, tongs, random utensils actually. LOL. :-p
(extra fridge water filter)

Under island:


This drawer pulls out and holds mixing bowls, popcorn bowls, and strainers.

And that's what I have in my kitchen cupboards and drawers!
Riveting, yes? ;-)


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Must be so refreshing to have a clean and organized kitchen! And I spy those lovely Target bowls :) I'm eating cereal out of one right now!

Bashful said...

Yes, riveting! :-) I love to see how other people organize things. (Now if I only spent that much time organizing my own stuff...)