Friday, February 17, 2012

PhotoBoothing with Hattie at 6 mos.

Every month, my goal is to try to get Hattie to smile while on PhotoBooth. 
She really doesn't have anything to smile *at* though...
just my boring computer screen, so this becomes quite a difficult task.

Although, sometimes she *does* smile when she catches a glimpse of herself on the screen. ;-)

And I try to get her to smile by giving kisses...

Or acting like a goon...



And what *finally* gets a real smile out of her? 
Daddy walking into the room! Hee hee hee. 

Oh no. My blog is becoming one of *those* blogs...
one that revolves around adorable photos of an adorable baby.
Okay, I vow to blog about organization and decor and scrapbooking too. :-D

In other news, my most-viewed post this week has been an older post about
*What* on earth are people searching for out there?!?!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Growing Up: Hattie at Six Months

Has it *really* been half a year?!??!

She's 26.75 inches long.

She's 14 pounds, 7 ounces.

Favorite toys: my cell phone (she doesn't play games on it; she just likes to smile and talk at it... LOL), her trumpet, and Mickey Mouse doll.

Favorite books: Goodnight Moon and Babies (This was my favorite book when I was a baby, and I'm so glad she loves it too. I *highly* recommend it!)

Favorite thing to do: Skype with her Auntie Shaina and cousins.
(She LOVES her cousins! Nothing makes her more excited. LOL.)

Loves photographs and looking in the mirror.
(Okay, she also gets SUPER excited when she looks in the mirror.)

Most of her clothes are still 3-6 months. 

Still barely fits into 0-3 mos. tops and sleep sacks, since she's just so gosh-darn skinny. ;-) 

She's nearly grown out of all her 6-9 mos. pants and footies (save Joe Boxer... that brand makes HUUUGE baby clothes!) 

Wearing 9+ mos. pants before 6 mos. old?! LOL!

Has TEENY feet. Still wears a size 1, which is 0-3 months. 
And there's still a bit to go in those. 
I'm wondering if she will wear a size 3 by the summer? Hmm...

Doesn't mind strangers holding her. Not one bit. 
She LOOOOVES people. LOL. :-p 
She gets passed around at church... 
to *at least* 12 different people. Hee hee.

Hardly *ever* cries. I think the only time she cries is at night, in her sleep
if she's teething or has a tummy ache. 

Has two bottom teeth.

No longer sleeps through the night. :-( It was nice while it lasted. 
Now she wakes up 2-3 times. Either teething or... I can hear her poor little tummy growling. :-( 
The doc says that once she's on solids regularly, that will help. Yay. 
I got so spoiled for five months! LOL. :-p

Has started eating solid foods. Loves everything she's tried. :-)

She's starting to drink out of a sippy cup... 
with just a *little* help from me.

Still takes three naps during the day. 
Taking two doesn't help the sleeping at night. It makes it worse. LOL. 
She needs her beauty sleep, I guess. ;-)

Can sit up on her own.

Loves being outside.

Has started to sit up on her hands and knees... though one knee is outstretched, 
so it's technically two hands, one knee and a foot. ;-)

From the hands-knees position, she can push to a sitting position. 
(She's only done this three times...)

Loves being either on her tummy or sitting up. 
If I put her on her back, she just flips herself over. LOL.

She's just SUCH a sweet baby. 
Loves giving hugs and kisses. 
Loves to cuddle. 
Loves to smile.

And we think she just gets cuter and cuter every month. :-D