Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Growing Up: Hattie at One Month

Can it be? Hattie is one month old?! Well, actually she's one month and one week, but I'm a bit slow getting here. Babies, you know, are a lot of work and take a lot of time. ;-) Good work and good time! :-D She's so much fun! :-)

And I so need to learn how to use our DSLR, so I can take more *good* photos. :-) *sigh*

At one month...

She's about 22 inches long. (probably a bit longer... she's very wiggly! LOL!)

She's about 9.5 pounds.

She is long and skinny. I have to sell the cloth diapers I have and buy different ones... because the ones I bought? Apparently, they are not for skinny-legged babies, and sometimes poopy leaks onto her clothes. LOL. (I totally thought she'd be a chubby baby!) Ah well. :-)

(A poopy-looking photo, but I just wanted you
to see how long and skinny she is. Heeee!)

She is finally in 0-3 month clothes. Some are still too big for her though (like the outfit above!). Tee hee.

On September 13th, she had her first *real* smile (as in, woke up in the morning, I said, "Hi, Baby Girl!!" And she smiled right at me. ;-) ).

She's such a great sleeper...
(This photo is during a nap, while I was right there.
At night, she's swaddled and on her back. And yes,
you do see yellow, orange and green. Pink is not her color. ;-) )

She's pretty much like clock-work: cat nap around 6 or 7pm, falls asleep at 11:30pm, wakes up at noon. I nurse her around 4:30am or so, and she stays asleep. She then wakes up around 8:30 or 9am to nurse again, then back to sleep till noon.

She does not like a pacifier unless she's sleeping or falling asleep. I didn't want her to have one at all, but sometimes she just needs to suck... and she's not hungry, so I won't do. She gets it, calms herself, then spits it out. :-)

She is SUCH a content baby. She only cries at night when she's super tired and doesn't nap well that day. And *sometimes* she cries when she's hungry... if I'm not fast enough getting ready for her. LOL. :-p

She wakes up in the morning (and from her naps), and she's in such a great mood. Just lies there, taking it all in. She doesn't cry... she stretches and looks around for a bit. I hang out with her for a few minutes before I pick her up. She's so happy. :-)

Loves being in the Moby wrap and helping me cook...

Loves to have her hands up by her face.

Loves tummy time (we started this at five-six days old, a day or two after her umbilical cord fell off). On the boppy, she's getting so strong on her tummy that she can push off with her feet and arms and fall forward onto her head... that is, if I'm not there to catch her. LOL. It's never actually happened, but I know it would if I walked away. (eek!)

Has a *super* strong head, and she can hold it up during tummy time and when I'm just carrying her around.

Is close to rolling over from back to tummy. She can do it with just a nudge from me. ;-)

She is so captivated by the telephone, and she loves when my mom or dad or Jeremy are on the other line (on speaker phone). :-)

She loves music! She has very eclectic tastes though... U2, Point of Grace and Raffi seem to be current favorites. ;-)

She had her first trip to The Container Store on September 4th! She LOVED it! Okay... she was asleep the whole time. LOL. But *I* really enjoyed showing her off to my co-workers. :-) And yes, *of course* I got a photo! That has to be documented. ;-)

I'll try to update more often. I really must have Jeremy (or someone...) teach me how to use the good camera. LOL.

Until next time... :-D


Zorina said...

Happy 1 month, baby H! You are so pretty with green, yellow and orange. Hi to your mama and HUGS for another baby H.

Keshet said...

Oh Rey, this is such a sweet post! And what a great sleeper you have there!!

Kate aka stinkydudette said...

Happy 1 month, Baby Hattie! You've been a really good girl! Super cute!

sillypea said...

Beautiful girl and beautiful family - this is so awesome! Congrats on everything, awesome mom!

Ursula said...

look how loong she is!

theelfqueen said...

She's ADORABLE! My Middle Child was a long skinny baby. I loved stroking my fingers down his long limbs! She's so sweet in your wrap! My kids lived in their slings!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

That picture of her sleeping seriously brought tears to my eyes. It is so simply precious and adorable and I just want to snuggle her!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

5 weeks already? Hattie you're growing up too fast for my liking!! lotsa love from Aunt Sasha :)

ps : Hattie, kiss mama for me.

em said...

She is such a cutie!!! :) You look like you're doing an awesome job as a new mom!!

Bashful said...

What a wonderful update! Thank you Reyanna for sharing little Hattie with us! :-)

Virginia said...

loooooooooooove babies who sleep good! amazing! i mean i love em all but you know what i mean ;) and don't worry about the pics on the "bad" camera - it's having the pics that matters! you can always edit them in 20 years when you have time (that's what i tell myself anyway!)