Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Celebrating 30 Years... for both of us!

So I really had planned on making an epic Golden Birthday post. Umm... notsomuch. I didn't even *post* on our birthday.


We did have a great day though... baby or no baby. ;-) We decided to hit up Torchy's, which is one of our favorite places in Austin. I was so glad my bff, Camille (who flew in from Rhode Island!!) could be there too. She finally got to have some Tex-Mex, and it was her first taco on corn tortillas. Umm... yes. I would say she's a Tex-Mex virgin, for sure! ;-)

Then we went to Big Top, which we LOVE. Jeremy and I hadn't been there in quite a while, so it was great to go! Jeremy took this neat photo of the chocolate cases:
We didn't get candy though (shocking, I know!), but we mainly go there for the old-fashioned soda fountain. Camille got the most delicious limeade EVER (Sonic who? ;-) ), Jeremy got a cherry limeade, and I got a coconut Italian creme soda... all of which were amazing! :-) And I may or may not be having a serious love-affair with anything coconut right now. Just sayin. ;-)

Can't have a birthday without cupcakes, right?! I was stoked that we were able to stop by Delish, which has gluten-free cupcakes... just for me! Okay, not *just* for me. Tee hee. But wow, they are DELISH! (No pun intended.... okay, it was intended because I'm not one to actually *say* "delish," but they really were delicious! :-D )
Jeremy and I didn't even get a photo of us together on our 30th birthday on the 30th. LOL. We'll try to remedy that today... four days later. No worries. :-) But Camille and I *were* able to get a photo. Yay!
I did get one recent shot of Jeremy. Umm... I'm not sure what he'd say about me posting his bum (a very nice bum, mind you ;-) ) for all of the internet to see, but this photo is just too funny...

He doesn't *usually* climb in their carrier (our euphemism for "crate" ;-) ), but he did this to cuddle with Ruby... and it was too funny when he did this the other day. I had to take a photo. Amber is looking on, saying, "What the heck is going on around here?!?!" Tee hee. :-)
So... that was our birthday! Yay! I usually do a birthday post about how Jeremy and I were born on the same day. You can see last year's here. But this year, I just wanted to show pictures of what we did. Fun, yes? ;-)

And... no baby yet. I'm really not worried or stressed or anything. Don't worry. I mean, yes, I'm getting uncomfortable, but not miserable. I am feeling chubby and pregnant at this point. LOL. But it certainly doesn't feel unmanageable or "I'm ready to be done!" No, nothing like that. Just patiently waiting. :-) Yes, I can't WAIT to meet this sweet baby. He/she will arrive when he/she is ready! :-D

As for the Texas heat, and this summer being on its way to being our hottest ever... I can honestly say it's not fazing me. LOL. I LOOOOOVE the heat! Seriously, every day, I just spend time hanging out on our porch. I love it so much. :-) It doesn't feel any different to me... you know, having this extra 42 pounds or whatever. It still feels glorious. And I'm not all *that* strange. Camille feels the same way. At least we're in good company! ;-)

And since I haven't shown photos of the baby's room in its completion yet, I thought I'd share some art I made. :-) I know there are tons of these on the internet... usually done with hearts or butterflies, like this one here. But I thought doing it with Mickeys would be wicked cool. :-)

This is the "if it's a boy" version:
And the "if it's a girl" version:
It's actually the same piece of art, but the peach Mickeys are covered up with charcoal Mickeys. Tee hee. :-p These were just SUPER quick photos I snapped. I'll take better ones when I post photos of the room.

The room is *pretty* much done. The side table doesn't have knobs/pulls. And two of the containers in the closet don't have labels (*gasp*). And the mobile above the changing station isn't done. But really, that's it! I'm SOOOO excited to show you the room! I'm loving how it turned out.

Soon. Very soon. :-) I'll try to get hubby to take them tonight... providing I'm not like... you know, giving birth or something. ;-)


Christa said...

Well happy (belated) birthday to you both! My mother in law is the same way with heat-the hotter the better for her!!
Can't wait to see the new bundle of joy soon!!

Kasey said...

Happy belated birthday! And, those mickey art pieces are adorable! Can't wait to see the baby soon! :)

Keshet said...

Cute! So excited to find out if its a boy or girl!!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the both of you!!

Come on baby Klein - I want to see your cute face!

Mary Jo said...

How fun that you have the same birthday!! Looks like you ate lots of goodies, and that photo of you and your BFF is so cute! :)

em said...

you loving the heat...crazy!! ;)
can't wait for the baby news!

Sasha Holloway said...

Happy Birthday to you .. xoxoxo

Bashful said...

Love love love the Mickey artwork! (But you knew I would, LOL.)

Such a lucky baby. Can't wait to see the full nursery! And of course, the little one it was decorated for!