Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Growing: 37 Weeks

(Hee! Look at my belly button! Baby must have been pushing it out all kinds! :-D )

And some stuff about me at 37 Weeks (okay, I'm a bit past that now)...

Notes: I'm feeling pretty good, I think... I mean, pretty good for being 2-3 weeks away from my due date. ;-) I have some pain in my pubic bone from cartilage-softening. But I keep telling myself this is a *great* thing, so that there's lots of stretching going on! ;-)

I'm really enjoying being pregnant... even in the Texas heat (which I love, by the way! LOL). And even on days when I'm uncomfortable and/or in pain, I don't want to take one single day for granted. I know what it's like to lose a pregnancy. I know what it's like to be wanting a child and not be pregnant. I know what it's like to think it would never happen...

So I'm really trying to enjoy every second of this. :-)

Inches grown around tummy: 16 inches

Weight gained: 40 pounds (I started out under-weight, so this is fine... I'm actually really glad about this weight gain so far!)

Sex of baby: it's a surprise!

Heart rate of baby: baby is always moving up a storm, so the heartbeat is always moving between 130 and 160. :-D

Baby's Size: According to the average at this time, Baby K is about 6 1/3 pounds now and over 19 inches long! Craziness!

Movement: Still lots and lots! I love when I can see the butt or foot or knee sticking up. It's just so cool! And I love seeing its little limbs moving across my tummy. :-D

Cravings: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bean and cheese burritos, rotisserie chicken

Weird food notes: A friend of mine made some lemon cupcakes for me last week at my church baby shower, and I... seriously... can NOT stop thinking about them. I only got two, and it was NOT enough. They were the most delicious cupcakes EVER! I think about them every, single day. LOL. :-p

Baby's Room Progress:
  • Room is cleaned out! PARTY!
  • Clothes, diapers, blankets, etc are all washed and put away in bins! YES!
  • Rocking chair cushion and pillow are MADE (sewn by me!) ... okay, I still have to hand-sew the closing of the pillow... ;-)
  • Still have a few projects to do (more wall art and finish side table).
  • I'll try to get in there with my camera, so you can see another in-progress shot. ;-)
So when Jeremy took my belly profile photos last week, I think he was feeling a bit left out. This is his "before the Phantom Fetus" shot....

And the "with his Phantom Fetus" shot...

And I thought it would be fun to get one of me looking down at my belly...

This next photo of Jeremy... How cute is he??!?! REALLY? :-D My heart melts at this shot. He's so excited to be a daddy. :-) He talks to our baby every night, and he always wants to talk about being parents. Love this guy. :-)

This is so surreal. I can't believe the baby will be here in a matter of WEEKS! As in... like... two or three! Just CRAZINESS to me!


em said...

You look awesome!! :) I'll be watching FB!

jamie long said...

You look great! Love the comparison shots they're hilarious!

Holly said...

You look amazing, I pray for an easy, happy delivery for you! Good Luck!

Amy said...

that is beautiful!! you are beautiful. Love the pics of Jeremy also. Way to make him feel included!! I cant wait to see what your having. I kinda say boy!!

Mary Jo said...

Congratulations to you!!! You just look so happy :)

Barb said...

You look adorable! So does your husband. :)