Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Wasting time. This was *not* on my mile-long To-Do list today.

I find this incredibly ironic since my previous post was about organization. Tee hee. Organization I am good at. Time management, however, I am not.

In all honesty, I have been procrastinating quite a few things lately. My To-Do list... I kid you not... has THIRTY-ONE things on it. How many of those things did I get accomplished today?! One. :) The broken kitchen drawer that has been moved back and forth from the kitchen floor to the kitchen counter for two months? I *finally* put in a maintenance request for it.

And I even promised myself I would not even turn on my computer until I got a good chunk of my To-Do list taken care of. So I eat a bagel for breakfast, and I then I decide that I need some candy. I open my fridge (unfortunately because of Texas heat, I need to keep chocolate cold at all times), and I still have a partial box of Muddy Bears (leftover from the horrible movie, Watchmen, that I walked out of on Sunday). My heart jumps for joy at the thought of Muddy Bears without the accompanying waste of time and money spent on God-awful movies.

As I chew on the tasty morsels, I realize that these yummy-bears (tee hee) are one of my favorite treats, yet I don't get to have them that often. So... I decide to go online so that I may order them in bulk. Yay. :)

Unbeknownst to me, the wonderful gem that is Candy Blog awaited me. And now? I've spent the last 7+ hours reading the blog. *sigh*

I knew I liked candy. I knew I loved chocolate. I didn't, however, know that I love *reading* about it. Candy Blog started in April of 2005. This means that I have roughly four years of candy-loving blogging to cover. I've already started making lists: "Candy to Try," "Chocolate to Try," "Candy Websites to Visit."

So I suppose, *technically*, it wasn't an entire waste of a day. I did go for a very nice walk. Wonderfully warm and lovely. AND... I have a whole list of new candies to try and a new blog to follow.

If you like candy, you'll probably love this blog. A professional writer, talented photographer (see photo above), plus candy? Seriously, what more could you ask for?!

This blog has me craving Japanese hard candies, Snickers (which I have plenty of...), Reese's Eggs, and some Hershey's Eggs. AND I have a trip planned to a great candy store in Austin. Can't wait.

p.s. I never did continue to look for where I can find those Muddy Bears in bulk. LOL. However, I did find out that I can get chocolate-covered gummy bears from the candy store in Austin! YES!

What's your favorite candy?


Jennie said...

Thanks for sharing this blog with us - I had to throw it into my fav's! I love that type of stuff...have you ever seen Unwrapped on the Food network? Reminds me of the same type of thing...:)

Red_Inc. said...

Thanks for the link to the candy blog! I love buying different candies to try...I just brought back a bunch from Singapore! I've never heard of Muddy Bears...but I'll look for them the next time I'm in the US.

Stacy said...

Have you ever been to Big Top Candy on South Congress? Awesome candy store. A straight up Hershey's chocolate bar is my favorite candy.

Bashful said...

Growing up near San Francisco, I will always have a soft spot for Ghirardelli chocolate. My current fav, though, is Ritter Sport - a German chocolate bar, several varieties available (though being vegan, I only eat the dark chocolate ones). Mmmmm... :-)