Saturday, May 3, 2008


Happy National Scrapbook Day!

In honor of NSBD, I thought I'd offer a scrapbook tip... or two. Or perhaps I'll make this into a bi-weekly segment. :D It sure will stretch my creative imagination... not to mention, get the creative juices flowing! :)

Today's tip: Keep an old favorite issue of a scrapbook magazine (or any magazine, for that matter) or a favorite scrapbook idea book under the passenger seat of your car. This way if you're ever at a restaurant/parking lot/doctor's appt/oil change/etc., you can just pull it out and have some good reading! I mean, places like that either have slim pickings or none at all.

My pick is Scrapbook Play. Love having this with me. Has so many great ideas and great layouts too!


Nancy said...

great idea! i always found myself stuck at the orthodontist's office with nothing to read, i'll definitely do that! thanks. - Jersey.

Jaime Lynne said...

Where are you? Are you doing OK?