Thursday, April 24, 2008


I didn't even turn on my computer yesterday. SO proud of myself!

And to celebrate not being on the computer yesterday, I'm spending ALL day on the computer today... just surfing... ahhh love it. Tee hee. Seriously, though, I *do* hope to get some dishes done.

So what did I do yesterday instead of spending time on the computer, you ask?!

Well, I reveled (doubled over in pain is more like it) in the fact that I'm a girl, and I hate that fact that we have to go through a "not fun" few days in the month... and boys don't! I hate that! Sheesh! :p

Let's see... what else did I do yesterday? OH! Okay, so I was gone for five weeks, right?! And that meant that TWO issues of Real Simple magazine were delivered while I was gone. So I read BOTH issues from cover to cover... AND I took a nap. Productive, no? :D

And may I just say that this year's April issue was FABULOUS! Seriously, if you weren't able to get it, go to ebay or something. It's a MUST have for every household...

"Faster, easier ways to wash (almost) anything"

"Care labels decoded!" (no, that circle with a dot on the care label is NOT a breast, it's a washing machine! who knew?!)

"Foolproof stain removal."

"Too much stuff? Six ways to clear the clutter."

Not to mention... some SUPER cute dresses (anyone have a spare $495 they want to give me for this uber cute sun-dress? anyone? oh wait, that's May's issue, well, regardless, CUTE dresses), inspiring ads and photos (I like to think of as scrapbook sketches), neato facts about stuff that happened in the month of April, and ways to get a better night's sleep. Who wouldn't want this issue? Seriously, fabulous for mothers and non-mothers alike, I will be laminating this issue. :)

OH! And I must say I'm very happy with American Idol's Top 5! These five have been my favorites since the beginning, and I'll be sad to see them go from now on. I really hope that no matter the outcome, we hear from all five of them in the future. :)

And just because I didn't have a photo last time, and Emilie says every blog entry should have a photo, I added a card I recently made for my MIL. :)

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