Friday, January 21, 2005

Watch Out For That... uhhh... Deer.

Well, at least one deer (yes, deer) wasn't happy about George W's continuation as President...

Last night while in the bus coming home from our high school gymnastics meet (yeah, we're 8 and 1 now... we rock!), a huge deer thought he'd (or she'd) attempt suicide by jumping eight feet high (no, I'm *not* exaggerating) in front of the bus.

In the process, the whole right-side of the bus's windshied shattered. The silly deer also bent the 12-inch mirror around the side of the bus and broke all the glass (no more glass now). Also... another mirror completely got torn from the bus. The bus driver lost control for a second, and we ran over all kinds of crap (who knows what, really), and yeah, it was just scary. But it's okay, children! I'm okay. I was a little shaken up, but no biggie.

Oh, yeah, and the deer? Yeah, he got up and hobbled back into the forest. I'm only guessing though because when we looked back, there was not a deer (or deer head) in sight. Weird stuff happens on Inauguration Day, I tell ya.

*emmett* ~ who hopes the little deer is safe... and a little wiser...

p.s. Edited to say: The bus driver *said* it was a deer. (There was NO way a deer could have survived that!) We think she did this to save herself the embarrassment. She actually ran into a stop sign. She must have been tired. That was SCARY!

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