Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mairen!

Happy Birthday today to my new niece, Mairen Elizabeth Rinaldi. :)

And kudos to my sister, Shaina. She went to the hospital at 11:00 last night. And then at 1:34 a.m., she had this 20-inch, almost-nine-pound-chub (8 lbs. 13.5 oz actually) *naturally*... no drugs! Go, Shaina! You're the woman!

Mairen joins her two older twin sisters, Alaura Dawn and Brenna Rey (aka "The Twinkies"). And I get to see her this weekend! AND my best friend, Hanna, is flying 3,000 miles to see *me* on Saturday. Woohoo! A new niece *and* my best friend... all in the same week. Yay me!

*emmett* ~ who is *very* excited

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