Friday, February 6, 2004

Cold Beer and Toddler Retaliation

Gosh... I've been super busy! I'm coaching gymnastics again though, which is awesome.

Every day I pass this little general store, and painted on the outside of the building is: "Coldest Beer in Town... Consistently!" ... like their refrigerators are colder than ours? And last time I checked... if you keep *any* drink in the fridge all the time, it's consistently cold. Or did they mean they are consistently named the "Coldest Beer in Town"? Is there an award given for this? Who gives it? Hmmm... that was pretty interesting.

Also, "More cute things" brought to you by my twin nieces...

Brenna had scratched Alaura's face so she was in timeout for a few minutes. When Brenna got out of timeout, I guess Alaura was still upset because she started kicking Brenna. My sister butted in and said, "Alaura stop kicking your sister!"

Alaura stops and mumbles... "okay..." And then she pipes up, "Can I hit her?!"

I was laughing so hard! These kids are two, and already they're witty. Gotta love 'em.

Take care, Kiddies!

*emmett* ~ who misses her so-cute-twin-nieces... *sigh*

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