Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's up to us.

Another school shooting.
Another suicide

You know, everyone says, "If you're depressed, tell someone! 
If you're feeling suicidal, reach out! 
Get help!" The problem is... this kid *did* reach out. 
He tweeted and posted FB posts that, to me, scream depression and suicide.

People *are* reaching out. They *are* telling people. 
The problem is... many people are, literally, too busy to care.
People are not taking this seriously. 
It's the truth. 
I have experienced too much suicide in my family and friends that I even want to think about.

People will stop and listen and "be there" for *maybe* one day, and then what? 
It's out of their hands? They don't have time? What about following up? 
What about keeping up with them on a daily/weekly basis?
This is an *EVERY DAY* struggle.
Depression is real, and it doesn't usually go away.
We are failing our children and our friends here. 
People suffer in silence until it's too late. 
We're the only ones who can save them.

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