Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Growing Up: Hattie at 14 Months

Literally, feels like she grew up over night.
She feels like SUCH a big girl to me! 
So amazing and fascinating.

Weight: 20 pounds, 2 ounces (40th percentile - FINALLY hit 20 pounds! WOO!)
Height: 31.5 inches (90th percentile)

Has 12 teeth.

Still not walking, but I'm not worried about her development...
She climbs on *everything*

and into *everything*. Tee hee. ;-)

She's in gymnastics now and loves it. :-)

Favorite thing to do: READ! Hands down, reading.
She asks to read SO much during the day;
I decided to count how many times she asks.
The grand total? SIXTY-ONE times in one day!
And yes, I read to her 61 times. LOL. ;-)

They're all sorts of different books too.
Picture books, rhyming books, story books, flashcards.
Anything ranging from 5 pages, to 35 pages.

Favorite book: Each Peach Pear Plum
(we probably read this 10-20 times per day)

She LOVES the computer. Probably all babies do. LOL. ;-)
If I forget to pull my chair away from it, here is what happens:

And I say, "Hattie... are you supposed to be up there?"
And she looks at me like, "Oooooh... busted."

Favorite stuffed animal: Ginger the Giraffe
(a gift from my mom when when we took Hattie to the
Como Park Zoo in St. Paul, MN)
She sleeps with it EVERY night/nap since we got it. :-)

Still LOVES taking baths. 
For the past month or so,
she's been "swimming" in the bath... 
freestyle and breaststroke in just that four inches of water.
Makes me laugh every time. :-)

Has the most amazing attention span.
She can probably read books for a good 30-60 minutes at a time.
She can watch Toy Story/Toy Story 2 straight through, in one sitting.
(My cardinal rule is "no TV," *but* we were both sick for several days,
so I put my rule aside. This was a special circumstance.
She still asks to watch it all the time. LOL. :-p )

Wish she didn't love the iPhone so much... ;-)

Books ("bups!")
Doll (pretty much sounds just like "dog")
"O"s (faux Cheerios cereal)
Tickle, Tickle, Tickle (cutest thing EVER. Need to post video.)

Loves hanging with her daddy. :-)

All done
Thank you
Baby (SO cute!)
Outside (people think she's waving when she signs this,
but her wave is very distinct and different than the sign for "outside.")

Speaking of potty, Hattie is pretty much completely
potty-trained for nights and naps. 
I say "pretty much" because maybe once a week, 
or once every other week, her diaper will be wet 
by the time I get her to the potty.
Some days, she just wants to lie and cuddle with me
instead of heading to the potty, but I'm pretty sure
this only happened on days she was sick or teething. :-/

But 90% of the time, as soon as she wakes up, she crawls out of bed
and heads (crawls... ;-) LOL) to the potty on her own. (I just follow.)
She still asks to go potty while we're out, in the car,
and while she's playing. However, while she's playing,
she probably only asks to go, every other time, sometimes less. LOL. ;-)
Dolls are just more important than the potty sometimes,
which is just fine with me. :-)
I don't push her. :-)

Such a doll face.
Speaking of dolls, they're pretty much the only toys 
that she wants to play with right now. 
She loves pushing them in her stroller
and grocery cart... both birthday gifts. :-)

She also loves balls, her shape sorter,
and her stacking bowls. She also loves purses 
and playing "dress-up," which is SO cute!

When she wants to be held or wants to give a hug,
she holds out her hands like we do.
SO cute. :-)

Is starting to help pick out her clothes and shoes,
and helping me get her dressed. Also adorable. Hee hee. ;-)

Still such a great eater and will eat *anything* I put in front of her.
Favorites are blueberry pancakes, pasta, cucumbers and all fruit.
I can't even figure out which fruit she likes best...
she shakes with delight when she sees all fruit. LOL. :-p

We did just find out she's allergic to tomatoes. :-(
Seriously broke out in a rash within seconds. Poor thing.
So that's tomatoes, nuts, and dairy. *sigh*
I'm hoping she outgrows the nuts, at least. :-p

Well, that's A LOT of info for 14 months,
but I wanted to make sure that I documented everything. :-)


Amy Coose said...

She is just too sweet!! Are you still nursing? I'm struggling with how I'm going to wean my little one. Just wanted to see if you had any suggestions/tips for me!

Zorina said...

Super cute, baby girl! Loved reading all about her. Oh, yes time just flies when we have the little ones in the house. So much fun, too!!