Friday, May 20, 2011

Growing: 30 Weeks

Okay, technically this photo was taken at 27 weeks... just before I left for Colorado (I'll do another post about that). It's funny: I'm actually getting used to (though, still craziness!) the sight of my belly, so I feel like it hasn't grown all that much in the past two months. But then when I actually *compare* the photos, I notice I've *definitely* grown! LOL. :-p

And some stuff about me at 30 Weeks...

Inches grown around tummy: 13 inches

Weight gained: 30 pounds (I started out under-weight, so this is fine)

Sex of baby: it's a surprise!

Heart rate of baby: 150-160

Movement: TONS! He/she has pretty much taken up residence on the right side of my belly... more specifically under my ribs. LOL. But really, I don't care where he/she lives in there, because I love all the crazy moving around. I'm pretty sure he/she is doing flip-turns in there (a swimmer)! ;-)

Cravings: milk and watermelon

Weird food notes: I am still loving dessert, but I'm eating it *much* less frequently. Plus, yesterday, someone brought me some chocolate chip cookie sandwiches: sandwiched together with frosting. I only had one, and I think I may be set (read: sugar high) for the next 10 weeks. LOL. ;-)

Baby's Room Progress:
  • Closet shelving is up!
  • Room is cleaned out. (yay hubby and FIL!)
  • Crib is built. (again, thanks to hubby and FIL!)
  • Planning to start making crib skirt and rocking chair cushions today!
  • Still need to make mobile.
  • Have LOTS of painting projects to do (wall art, side table, rocking chair, etc).
It's hard to believe I'm *almost* there! We're getting more and more excited by the day! :-)

Giving Away... CK's Creative Spaces!

Ack. Silly Blogger. Sorry that glitch caused me to put this off so long. But we do have a winner!

That means that SillyPea Jen is our winner! WOOO! Congrats, Jen! Please send me your address, and we'll get that Creative Spaces issue off to you! :-D

Thank you to everyone who entered! Also, thank you for the well-wishes. It is super fun to see the issue completed and beautiful. It truly is an honor. :-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creating Keepsakes: Creative Spaces!

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Oh my! It's FINALLY here!!!! Seriously... do you know how long I've been patiently waiting? :-D

You guys know how much I love organizing, right?! Okay, if you don't, then you don't me very well yet... you will soon know... ;-)

I LOVE organizing! So when Creating Keepsakes asked me to be a part of this issue, I was *beyond* stoked and flattered (read: jumping up and down, excited).

Here is a sneak peek of the mag (actual pages! Click on "Open Publication")...

This issue went on sale yesterday, and if you want to order it, you can use this free shipping code: SPACESBB (all caps)

(Code expires May 27, 2011.)

Free shipping! YAY!

And here is a little sneak of my room!

You can also see a little part (one of my faves too!) of my room on the CK blog here.

Excited yet? Wanna win a copy? :-D Just leave a comment here to be entered to win!

NOTE: Due to the Blogger glitch, I'll choose a winner on Thursday, May 19th. (Internationals welcome too!)