Sunday, December 25, 2011

Visiting Santa Claus.

Hattie and I ventured out to see Santa the other day. She was such a champ... 
we waited in line for an hour to see him. LOL. Yes, since I don't have school-aged children, 
I should have gone the week *before* school let out. Tee hee. Ah well. 

Hattie is such a good baby though. She actually enjoyed standing in line... 
all smiles and giggles and flirting with the kids behind us. LOL. :-p
She loved his beard. LOL. I think she had a handful of hair when we left... ;-)

It was SO cute when she looked at him! She wouldn't smile at him though.
But he didn't talk to her or smile at her (which was bizarre...),
so that's probably why. LOL. She was probably like, "What's the deal with this guy?!"

Okay, so I totally bought her the most adorable silver mary-janes to go with this outfit... 
specifically for this photo, and they fell off in the stroller, and I completely forgot to put them on. 
SO bummed. I'll have to dress her up in this again *with* the shoes, 
so you can get the whole picture. ;-)

And then they let me take some too. I just brought my point & shoot... not the *good* camera, but they're still pretty cute. ;-) Santa is actually *smiling* nicely in this one. :-D

(See! She loved that beard! LOL. :-p )

Merry Christmas!