Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stepping Back Into Blogging.

Three weeks?! Can that be right?! I haven't blogged in THREE weeks! ACK! Okay, so a run-down of what's been going on in my life...

1. I actually haven't scrapped at all, but I've been doing other projects around the house... painting, altering, organizing. It's great! And coming along well. This is my new trash container for on top of my nightstand. Hey, if it's going to be on your nightstand it's gotta be CUTE!

I got it on clearance at Ross (because the top had broken off, and there was a hole). It was $2. I spray painted it this antique white, and then I drilled a hole through the top, and added this Anthro drawer knob. I LOVE how it turned out. The cutest trash ever! :-)

2. My hours at work have been doubled. That's not saying much, however. I'm working just under 30 hours now, but it feels like a lot. LOL. It's still fun though, so that's a great thing! :-)

3. Jeremy has been sick, SICK, and I've been well. 'Tis strange, yes. Thanking God I'm healthy, so I can take care of that poor sickie. :-)

4. A cat got hit by a car in front of my house and died. I had to break the news to the owner (after I found a poster for said cat). We both cried. It was sad. Poor little Beau.

5. Then the next day, I witnessed (and gave the 911 emergency person a play-by-play for about ten minutes) a car out of control (at 70 mph on the highway)... ending in a bad crash. The guy WALKED AWAY unharmed. Seriously, I'm pretty sure Angels guided his car the whole (nearly) 7 miles. (And thankfully, kept this truck from NOT rolling on top of my car.) At the end, Angels also picked up his car (with only the two back wheels) from an inclined grassy null, and placed it back on the highway, facing me. CRAZINESS. This was VERY traumatic... to say the least. Sheesh.

6. My work is home to the most caring, understanding, compassionate, and FABULOUS group of people EVER seen in a workplace. Ever. This was a breath of fresh air after my near-death experience on the highway. My boss gives great hugs. Just sayin'. :-) I could not have made it through work without them.

7. The weather is SO nice! 70s and 80s EVERY day. It will be like this now till October, and I.AM.STOKED! Mmm.... love me some Texas weather! Ruby, Amber and Kissa are spending LOTS of time outside. Kissa is so funny: She just sits on the deck the whole time... doesn't wander off at all. I love seeing her enjoy the sun. :-)

(This picture just makes me laugh. I love this kitty!)

8. FINALLY found a great doctor after mine moved away. FINALLY! It only took eight months... LOL. Had several "ah ha!" moments at my appointment yesterday. YAY!

9. Babysat for a FABULOUS family with two little girls (aged 8 and 5). They are SO awesome and SO fun that I didn't want to put them to sleep... because I'd miss them. LOL. My biological clock is now in over-drive. (Note to God: I'm ready whenever you are! ;-) )

10. Hubby and I decided on a boy's name... if we ever have a boy. Providing he *looks* like this name, he will receive the name. Nope. Sorry. It's a secret. But it's cute. With a cute nickname to boot! Hint: It's a Disney character. :-)

11. Went to visit my friend Bethina and her new baby, Elissa. Had SO much fun with her and the kiddos. I need to visit more often. How cute are they?!

Sean, the oldest:

Bryce, the middle:

And new baby, Elissa Grace:

She is SUCH a good baby too! I was there for four hours, and she barely fussed at all. And talking to Bethina, I am now officially wanting to have our kids in a birthing center, as opposed to a hospital. There is SO much I didn't know! And to have a birth that *I* want... and what *I* say goes?! No IV?! No sterile, uncomfortable environment? I can get up and pee? Or walk around if I want? Be in any position I want? Yes, please! :-D

If you're having a baby, and you haven't already, look into a birthing center (also 1/4 the price as a hospital) and a midwife/doula for your birth! :-)

Umm... okay, that was a lot of stuff. I'll try to update more often.... with progress of the house and my projects. I'm having fun organizing and decorating! :-D


Jaime Lynne said...

Welcome back! Glad you are alive and kicking, especially after the scare.

I bet I can guess what the name is... Gaston so you can call him "Gas" for short. :)

Love ya!

Christa said...

You are a busy, busy lady lately! Glad your back!

Andrea said...

I've been so busy too and have done little blogging. That crash you witnessed sounded insane. I bet you were shaken up by that...not mention the guy too! That baby is so cute. We are actually talking more and more about having a third and HOPING this time it is a girl. Have a great week!

Bashful said...

Wow, you've had quite a time of it lately, huh? Sorry for the highway scare, and the sad cat story. Love your new trash container, and the picture of Kissa is adorable!

Jude@ThisJewels4You said...

Welcome back to were one busy person; no wonder you weren't tending to your blog. Have a great weekend. Jude

Marit said...

Aaah, in the bloggin' mode again, welcome back! And you're really "into babies" aren't you! (I gave natural birth, or whatever you call it in the USA... it's common in Holland to deliver at home and with a midwife... even in the hospital there is a midwife... the specialists only come if there's something "wrong" - but this is going to be a long story if I tell you all...) Have a great weekend!

Caroline said...

you've been busy!
and i want constant 70 degree weather. it's been schizo here - nice and 60-70s one week, rainy and windy and COLD the next. the weather just needs ot make up its mind! sheesh

Jody said...'re back! :)
Thank God you are ok...
My 1st thought for your baby boy was also Gaston, but his nickname would be Gassy ;)