Thursday, March 18, 2010

Listening and Creating.

Okay, so for like... WEEKS now, I kept hearing this song at work, but I could never figure out the words *enough* to look it up. And I couldn't get back to the back of the store to see who sings it or what it was called. But today... I did. :-D


I was positively GIDDY after I found out. The thought that I new *exactly* what it was, and I could get it on iTunes the second I walked in my front door... awww... bliss. Pure bliss. Seriously, I think my co-workers though I was high or something because I was literally *bouncing* up and down excited about this song...

Crack the Shutters by Snow Patrol (I don't like the video, but I LOVE the melody and lyrics.)

Poor Jeremy... I will have this song on repeat for the next month... LOL. (Best $0.99 I've spent in a while! ;-) Tee hee.)

And here are a bunch of pages I've done with Studio Calico's March kit:

That layout above (all papers are Cosmo Cricket's Material Girl and one from JoyRide) is from Halloween 2008. My sister, her best friend, and I went as the Three Blind Mice. :-) SO fun! I love homemade costumes! We got those glasses from an eye doctor (for free... LOL). The ears were from a costume shop, and the canes were just dowels from Home Depot. We stuck them in the grass and spray painted them black. LOL. We had HUGE band-aids on our bottoms... where the tails *should* have been. ;-)

And this layout about my nieces (all Sass papers, except the type which is SC), and how I tried SO hard not to cry as I left them... to no avail...

And the next layout is my FAVORITE layout I've done in a *long* time. It's just *so* me. If I had to choose a layout to define my "style," this would be it. And it totally defines me too... I'm so goofy and dorky. ;-) (And I LOVE, LOVE this paper from Sassafras. A new fave for me too! What is up with me and their blue paper?! Blueberry Grove is also a FAVE! LOL.)

Can you tell I LOVE this paper? I've already used it on three layouts, but I had to devote this next layout to it. Oh, and this adorable photo of Kissa! LOL. (This blue, though, does *not* photograph well. It's more like a pale navy in real life. Ah well.) And what I think every day when I see her, I had to put on this page... it says: "I am so glad she found us."

And a layout about a Jeremy-ism. :-D He says this ALL the time to me, and I love it. I'm going to make it a point to scrap all the silly things he makes up and says to me. They're so cute! (Look Steph and Paige, I used TULLE! Yay!! Go me. :-D )
Only the papers are from the kit (exclusive SC this month)... the others are stuff I had in my stash. :-)

Thanks for stopping by today! What's your favorite song these days?


Donna said...

Wow. Love all the layouts. You've been busy! I especially love the squeesability factor.

Hmm.......fave song right know, I'm not sure.

sillypea said...

Love it all! And thanks for sharing the song - it's going into my playlist too!

Amy Coose said...

These are gorgeous!!! Love each LO you created. You did a great job with the kit. My fave song right now is "carryout" by JT and Timberlake. Off to check your song out.

Vel said...

I {heart} Snow Patrol! And I love all your rock the negative space.

Anonymous said...

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Christyn said...

woohoo! Song mystery solved! Can't say enough good things about Snow Patrol. Really like that song, but there are several others on the album I like even better, just picked up the 'newish' one at the library today, can't wait to dig in.

Anna Sigga said...

Love your layouts girl and the Squeeze one is too funny!
This SC kit is my latest fav one!! ;)

Leah said...

you are rocking out that kit!! I haven't broken into yet...but now I'm itching too!

Jody said...

Kissa the cat? L.O.V.E.!