Friday, November 6, 2009

Bolting out the door.

Just a quick one.

I LOVE our house! It is SO quiet at night. SO quiet. We all slept SO well... even the puppies! :D

My newest review is up at Craft Critique today. It was my favorite one yet! Now I know which blank ink pad to grab! :D

We're out of town today until Sunday. No internet access. (YIPPEE!) It's the Annual Stark Thanksgiving (we always have it at the beginning of November because it's more convenient.) Just a lot of eating, talking, resting and playing dominoes. That's all. Hopefully, *this* year I'll remember to take photos. LOL.

And happy birthday to my beautiful sister yesterday! 27! She's OLD! HA! ;-)

This photo is of *last* year on her birthday. I haven't seen her since November 6th, 2008! Sheesh! One year! Much too long. I may need to visit soon. *sigh* I miss her pretty face.

Happy Day-After-Your Birthday, Shaina! :D


lisa truesdell said...

yay for the new house, and happy bday to your sis!

Sasha Holloway said...

Congrats on the house .. and enjoying it .. Happy Bday to your sistah ..