Tuesday, March 29, 2005

No Voice.

I lost my voice. I sure hope I find it soon. Work will be very difficult with no voice, and that will be poopy. Besides, I LOVE to talk... how will I survive? Well, maybe I'll write more later...

Monday, March 21, 2005

You Want My What?!

I got this phone call today... some telemarketer, I guess. He was from India. Well, he *sounded* like he was from India. He could have very possibly been in New York.

Anyway, he said Jeremy had $10,000 coming to him from the government, and all he needed was our bank account number.

Pshyeah, I'm going to give my bank account number out over the phone. Do I have stupid written on my forehead?

I asked him to prove he was a real company. He replied, "Just give me your account number, and then I'll prove it." Mmhmm... yeah... sure.

*emmett* ~ who, just for your information, does NOT give out bank account info over the phone...

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Jaywalking and Laziness.

I think something's wrong with me. My house is a little messy, and I don't care that much. This is probably a good thing.

I'm feeling very lazy lately. All I want to do is surf the internet and eat frozen cookie dough balls. Mmmm... those are so tasty.

Speaking of being lazy... You know something that bothers me? Jaywalkers. I mean, I know they bother a lot of people, but they've been bothering me *more* lately. They stand there and wait, looking for the perfect time to cross, but they *still* make traffic stop for them.

Why did they wait then? And why do they always cross about twenty feet away from a crosswalk? Wouldn't it save more time to just *walk* to the crosswalk?! I mean, you'd think it would since they're standing there anyway looking for the *perfect* time to cross, and there isn't a perfect time because it's not a crosswalk and therefore, cars are continuously moving. Bah! Stupid jaywalkers.

That is all.

*emmett* ~ who will probably end up cleaning like a crazy person here soon... while eating frozen cookie dough balls...

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Cake is Good.

Last night I had three pieces of cake after dinner. Three. And I had one right before work so that means I had four pieces of yummy, super-tasty, chocolatey cake in six hours. Wow. I love cake. That is all.

*emmett* ~ who really loves cake and is very glad she made one

Thursday, March 3, 2005

I'm Not a Child Molestor! SHEESH!

I got my job back! Woohoo! Yeah... I'm stoked. My boss called me the other day and said, "We've decided that you're *not* a child molestor." Well, ya think?! Pfff...

I missed my girls so much. That is all. Thanks for the well-wishes.

*emmett* ~ who has really been craving cookie dough... not cookies, but cookie dough :)

p.s. I made some cookie dough. It tastes best frozen. Screw the thought of raw eggs being bad for you.