Friday, October 15, 2004

Granny, Your Balls Are Showing.

I was at the mall the other day, and I saw this little old lady pushing a walker. Now, I've seen lots of walkers in my day. I even used one when I broke both of my legs, and just by these two things... I know they've been around a while.

Have *you* seen one recently? The front two legs have wheels on the ends. And the back two legs? Do you know what is attached to *those*? Tennis balls! Yes, you read that correctly. Tennis balls. As in, "Grab me one of those, Venus! No... not that one off Granny's walker! Grab me one that doesn't have a walker leg stuck in it!"

I've been seeing these for several years now. And at first, I was like... "Hmm... the thingies must have fallen off, and they're using tennis balls as pushing devices. How creative! *Some*body has a sense of ingenuity!"

But now? you would think that "walker-making" companies would have come up with something by now that has the same function. You know... come up with a neat *doo-hickey-thing* rather than something that makes you think, "What happened, Granny?! Did you fall off the bleachers... and into a tennis match?"

Seriously people! We can send satellites to Mars, and we can make Kitchen Aid in 21 different colors, but we can't come up with a piece that fits on the bottom of a walker? I mean... that fuzzy, chartreuse ball is cute and all, but not at all classy. ;-)

Or maybe it just so happens that all the old people I see are former tennis players, and they just wanted a way to *spruce* up their walker to be more personalized. That's got to be it! ;-)

*emmett* ~ who is just glad she doesn't need a walker anymore :)

*Photo credit unknown.

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