Friday, July 30, 2010

Celebrating 29 Years.. for both of us!

On July 30, 1981...

This cute, little boy was born in Texas:

And this sweet, little girl was born in California...

And then Jeremy turned one...

And I turned one...

And he grew...

And I grew...

... far away from each other, and never knowing that we were born on the same day and would some day meet. But not before we did a little bit more growing...

This is my favorite young photo of Jeremy (age 5). How CUTE is he?!?!?! GAAAAH! :-D

And me at age 6... in my front yard. LOL.

And then about ten years later, we both turned fifteen. Jeremy finally moved to Pagosa Springs, Colorado (where I had moved when I was 14.) And yeah, as soon as this cute boy moved into town, I was SMITTEN! LOL.

And me at 15...
I remember telling my best friend that I was going to marry him. And whenever he was in the room/cafeteria/across the street, I would tell everyone they HAD to stop and be QUIET, so I could sit and stare. Then once he walked away, I would say, "Okay. He's gone. Continue."

We finally *met* some time later. I had found out we had the same birthday. And one day, I was at youth group (hanging out, doing my homework) before it started. And who walked in? JEREMY! He came in the room with a bag of SIX Mr. Cookie Face ice cream sandwiches (Typical Jeremy... LOL). He was alone. And the conversation went like this...

Reyanna (thinking): OH.MY.GOD. Jeremy Stark JUST walked in! OH.MY.GOD. He's RIGHT next to me. And he's ALONE. And we're ALONE! GAAAAAH!

Jeremy: Hey! Girl! Pssst! Girl!

Reyanna: Me?!

Jeremy: Yeah! Do you want a Mr. Cookie Face?

Reyanna: Yeah! I LOVE Mr. Cookie Face!

Jeremy: Me too! So... what's your name?

Reyanna: Uhh.... Reyanna. And you're Jeremy Stark! And you were born July 30, 1981!

Jeremy: Uhhh... yeah.

Reyanna: Oh! Sorry! I'm not a stalker or anything, it's just.... well, I saw your birthday on Tracey's calendar, and it's just... well, it's my birthday too!

Jeremy: Really?! Oh, neat!

He wasn't freaked out at all... promise. :-D He was just that strange. LOL. We were friends from then on. In math class, he would stick my pencils up his nose and lick my wrist when I asked him to smell my lotion or perfume. Yeah, *swoon*. ;-) I loved how silly and quirky he was!

He moved away at 17. Then I moved away at 17.5. Then he moved back at 18. Then I moved back at 18.5. LOL.

About August-ish (we were 19), we started hanging out again... A LOT. Then HE'S the one who had the crush, and I was over it. LOL. One day (November 2, 2000, to be exact), he left his laundry at my parent's house (I'm so naive... I thought he did that on accident! HA!) When he came over to get it...

Jeremy: I need to talk to you! In your room!

Reyanna: Uhh... okay. In my room? Weird.

We go in, and he closes the door behind us.


Reyanna: Uhh... no?! How much *do* you like me?

Jeremy: I'm totally STOKED on you! You're beautiful and fun and funny and cool, and I think... well, I just think we should be together!

Kid you not... this is what I said...

Reyanna: Weeeeelllll... I'm not really looking for a relationship right now...

Jeremy: Well, that's because you keep going for the wrong guys! First JD, and then John. I mean, JOHN?! Really?! Are you kidding?! That was a joke!

Reyanna: Well, how was I supposed to know that after ten days, he'd turn out to be a crazy stalker?! (seriously) And okay, this is exactly why I shouldn't be in a relationship! I pick the WRONG guys! LOL.

Jeremy: Well, that's because you haven't picked me!

We talked some more... a bunch of which I don't remember, and we both walked out of there very confused. LOL. Were we together... or not?! LOL. Well, we had our first kiss two days later (Jeremy's first kiss EVER).

Then two years later, on December 25, 2002, we got married...

And almost 8 years later, here we are...

Sure, we've had more ups and downs in 7.5 years than I care to even think about. I think we've had to go through more than most couples (who have been together longer) have to go through, but here we are! We're turning 29... together!

And Jeremy, just looking at you, I know you love me. I often say, "Stop looking at me like THAT!" And you say, "Well, I can't help it! You're so beautiful, and I'm SO in love with you!" And I just know. I can see it. And I love that. You're sweet and considerate and silly and fun and amazing and intelligent, and you work SO SO hard for our family!

I thought 28 would be our best year, but really... 29 will be. You know it too, don't you?! ;-)

Happy Birthday, Babe! I LOVE YOU! And I'm STOKED we get to share our birthday every year!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Revealing New Lines and Playing Games!

Ooooh, one of my favorite weeks! CHA Reveals! WOOO!

I'm LOVING the Sass embellishments most, I think! LOL. I already have lots of their flowers... that are almost gone, by the way... so I can't *wait* to get my hands on this new stuff!

The new American Crafts is, of course, awesome, but I especially love the new Dear Lizzy. (Okay, who doesn't?!?! LOL.)

I'm sure once I see the full reveals of October Afternoon, I will love all those too. Tee hee.

Oh! And last, but certainly not least, is Studio Calico! This new stuff looks so cool! :-)

And here is a puzzle game I made! Have you played with these? They are SO fun! After I finished it, I wrote the order on the back... so I could cheat if I got in a rut. LOL! :-) Wicked fun! I'm gonna try to laminate them, so I can keep them forever and ever. :-)

Have a great rest of your week!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Busying Myself. (Yay!)

Wow, I haven't updated in a while. I've actually been busy! WOOHOO for being busy! :-D

Here are my recent layouts... older American Crafts and Sassafras stuff. :-)

Hmm... what else?! I'm leaving for Colorado in less than two weeks! WOO! I get to see my WHOLE family... including my sister and her daughters, whom I haven't seen in almost two years! ACK! We are VERY excited. :-D

Also, my mom is doing much better (but still working like crazy...). Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and Pixie Dust! ;-)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Creating with Studio Calico Ad Cards.

So... since I started subbing to Studio Calico (almost two years ago), I have been collecting their cards, ads and stickers that come in each box. (Stickers hold each brown paper back shut, and I tear each and every one off the bag and keep them in a file folder. LOL.)

At the beginning of this year, I started KitPooling with a friend, so now they go to her house. This means I get far less SC ephemera, but I figured my stash had grown large enough to FINALLY tackle this altering project I've been wanting to do. YAY!

Here is what the container looked like before. So, now, here is the container that holds my kits (you can click on all photos to make them larger)...

And I decorated each side with the stickers:

I used a sponge brush to add white paint to all the edges. (I can't do any project without *something* white, I'm afraid. ;-) ).

And so now, while I'm sitting at my computer, I get to look over and see this:

I'm stoked with how it turned out. I've seen people use these cards/ads on layouts, and I think that's really cool too! I still have a *few* left over, but I think I'll be using those for more altering projects (my SC kit photo binder)! :-D

So if you sub to SC, have you kept any cards/ads/stickers?! What do you plan to do with them?