Monday, March 17, 2008


Pollyanna is one of my favorite movies. Actually, it's been one of my favorite movies for well over twenty years. I could always relate to her. She was the eternal optimist, and she wanted everyone to view life in a positive way. And at the end of the movie? She falls off a roof and paralyzes both her legs.

Now, I didn't fall of a roof. But I was in a horrendous car accident that left me with both legs broken and bed-ridden for several months. I was five years old, and I had never once met someone who lost the use of both their legs... no matter how long the time period.

So Pollyanna was special to me. I knew what she was going through, and I felt she knew what I was going through. And when I got out of the hospital, I think I watched that movie just about every day.

I haven't seen the movie in several years. And last night, as I was bawling my eyes out to a close friend, he reminded me of this favorite movie. He reminded me of the "Glad Game." And for those of you haven't seen Pollyanna (oh, you poor souls), The Glad Game is a game Pollyanna always played when she wanted to see the best in a situation. She always wanted something to feel glad about.

And I love my friend for reminding me how much I love that game. When Pollyanna became paralyzed, she no longer wanted to play the game. It is so easy to become wrapped up in self-pity when life throws you a curve ball.

I didn't ever think *I'd* be thrown *this* curve ball. And though it is healthy to grieve and cry over the person who no longer wants to be married to me; it's also healthy to stand up and say, "Hey, I have so many things to be glad about!"

So in the grand tradition of Pollyanna-lovers everywhere, my Glad Game begins. :)

-My puppy Ruby is here with me and loves me unconditionally.

-I'm good at taking showers.

-I get to see my parents every day.

-I have the most supportive friends and family (who love and care about me) a girl could ever ask for.

-I just got a pretty sweet gig writing articles for the super, wonderful scrapbook company, Memory Works.

-Merrells are the most comfortable shoes on the planet, and I get to wear them every day.

-My REI fleece pants are super cozy.

-No matter where I go in my hometown, there is always someone to offer a hug.

-My mom makes gluten-free items at her bakery.

-I am five minutes from the Rec Center. (And it has a pool! Yay!)

-Even my online friends love and care about me... more than I ever knew. (Thank you!)

-I have an iPod Touch, and it truly is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

-I love that I have all my favorite songs on one playlist.

-Scrapbooking is good therapy.

-I get to coach gymnastics at my "home" gym again. :D

-It's snowing right now.

-I have a very beautiful handbag (Amy Butler fabric)!

-I feel like the world is open to me. I can go anywhere or do anything.

Perhaps, I'll add more, but this was super fun. Do you want to play the Glad Game too?